Welcome to Quarter 2.

April is my favorite month of the year. But, before we get further into that, here's March in review.

March 2019 in review

I will write something down and immediately get tested on it. God is really working on my heart y'all. It's like, I've gotta get this internal together before anything else can happen. | I always have an existential crisis of sorts in March. It's the last month before my birthday and so a lot of reflection happens. I'm a person who is always taking stock and trying to understand not only where I'm at, but if it's where I want to me. My mom tells me it's part of my natural cycle. If I've learned anything over the last year, it's to go with my natural cycles (when they aren't harmful) and this one isn't, so, boom. I think I've finally come to terms with this birthday. Dreamed new dreams and all of that. 


  • My new camera. I got the Sony a6000 for Christmas and was finally able to take it out on a trip for the first time when I went to Morocco. I still have a lot to learn about photography, but I'm excited about having easy access to another medium of expression and being able to take some shots for myself because - coins. 


Listening to: 
PS I feel like I need new stuff to listen to! What playlists, mixes and songs have you bopping lately?



  • like I didn't have much to give last month +  that March was really long.


  • sour cream. I think this answer will be here until I get back to the States in June. 

Working on: 

  • nurturing myself, defining what friendship is/means to be, and getting used to being GOODand meaning it. oh, and letting go of SHOULD's. what do EYE want?


Went to: 

  • Marrakech, Morocco 

Going to next: 

  • Ibiza, Spain 

  • Lisbon, Portugal  


Would you be interested in a discovered/studying section? I do a lot of research.  Reply and let me know! Any sections you're no longer interested in?

Sending so much love. 

P.S. |  sunny. turned one yesterday. I still haven't found the words. But, I'm so thankful.