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Hey hey hey, shout out to you for being here! 

Since you're on the list you already know that this is my bi-weekly(ish) newsletter to be continued... for those of us, myself included, who are always in progress. Here you'll get everything from letters of encouragement, excerpts from projects I'm working on, discount codes, it really runs the gamut. But I wanted a space to connect with folks beyond Twitter/IG and a place where answers to the questions I get asked often could live. You'll get on average two emails from me a month, one that's like this one, a month in review/recap and another thats more like what I said above. Let's get it started with my November recap! 

November 2018 in review

I have an aversion to talking about things while I’m living them. I have an aversion to answering questions about Spain. I’m still not sure how/if I want to share this experience with the wider world. 


  • My dancing/rapping for self-care playlist. 

  • Vino Verde

  • Finally having a space heater

  • This burger place here where I live where I can get a beef burger (most of them here are pork). 

  • That I still feel grateful to be here every morning when I wake up and walk to my ride to work. 

  • Finally having internet in my apartment! AKA being able to be productive? 


Listening to: 


  • Gilmore Girls 

  • Dynasty 

  • Greys Anatomy 


  • Gossip Girl 

  • The Crown 

(Aka I prefer to rewatch my favorite shows over and over and these were what I could download from Netflix at cafes before having WiFi in my place)

Both committed and a bit overwhelmed. Healing is such a process. The journey to being healthy is such a process. I’m not sure you’re ever 100% there or on the other side. It’s like, I don’t think you can ever be healthy enough mentally, physically, or spiritually. And as someone who was operating from a place of deep anxiety and depression for so long, my brain really is not used to all this boring, happy shit. As good as it feels, there runs in me this temptation to be reckless. But then, reckless opportunities present themselves and I don’t take them. Because here’s the thing, you reach a point, I have reached a point where I’d rather be a little bored and STABLE, than excited and RECKLESS. I want to be healthy more than I want to derail my life and healing for a minutes thrill and so I think maybe that means I am. 


  • Peanut Butter (but shoutout to my mom for sending me a 4LB jar of JIF)

  • Sour cream — I think they have this in Spain but I haven’t found it in a supermarket near me. Some folks have recommended using Greek Yogurt, but I don’t think I’m about that life. 

  • Wifi (but this has been resolved)

Working on: 

  • a novel 

  • a mixed media project

  • meditating daily 

  • drinking my water 

  • eating fruits and veggies (they don’t typically serve them with meals here so I’ve got be extra conscious to buy them to have at home)


Went to: 

  • Porto, Portugal for the puente (long weekend)

  • a festival for Magosto at my school. Magosto is a celebration held here in Galicia, Spain to mark the changing of the seasons from summer to fall/winter. There were tradition Galician games and roasted chestnuts + parents telling me to eat more. It felt like home

  • Pontevedra, a city about an hour away from where I live, to shop and get my residency card meaning ya girl is officially an expat? I'm exaggerating, I've been official since like my second week here, but now I have a Spanish ID card instead of having to carry around a piece of paper

Going to next: 

  • Ourense/A Coruña/Lugo, Spain for day trips 

  • Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and Barcelona for the holiday’s


  • Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming

  • A tote bag. I usually carry a backpack for work/to hold my computer and notebooks, but I’m getting tired of always having to carry it at my back and would like a bag I can toss over my shoulder and then get up and go

  • Folks who don’t know me or ask to stop shortening my name without permission

Any sections you think I should add to the monthly recap? Any further questions, comments, and concerns (although why you’d be concerned I’m not really sure)? Hit me! I promise to read and respond. 



P.S. Here's our affirmation for December. Wishing you a peaceful month!