she slipped out.

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“Hey,” Marcus, Aimee’s something had found them in the crowd. She turned around, “Oh hey, how’d you find us?” she said as she kissed him on the cheek. “You know you can see your hair from a mile away woman. Hey Jaleesa.” “Hey Marcus,” J scoffed. “I’m gonna go get another drink and I think I see a friend by the bar,” Jaleesa started walking away. Stopping to turn around she said, “Just text me if you need me, sis.” “I will,” Aimee nodded. “Is she ever going to get like me again?” Marcus asked. “I might forgive you, but she won’t. Anyway, how was your flight?” “Fine, a little bumpy, but fine. I slept most of the way and when I woke up we were basically here.” “And everything at the apartment?” “It’s exactly how you left it.” “Yea well, it’s been a long time. I wasn’t even sure I’d see you this year.” “Mhm. You want another drink?” Marcus kissed her, took his hands off her hips and went over to the bar to refresh her drink. Why is he still so bad at any shred of intimacy Aimee wondered.

They’d known each other since her freshman year of college and been involved off and on since her senior year, yet she still had no clue how he felt about her. As he walked back towards her though, she couldn’t help but remember just how fine he was. Six foot five, with dark brown skin, deep brown eyes, and a smile that lit up any room, his frame was lean but thick enough where he was still comfortable to cuddle with. Aimee hated skinny guys or men overly obsessed with having a six pack. She much preferred her men to be like a teddy bear, sturdy on the outside, but soft where it mattered, the chest and tummy. How else was she supposed to fall asleep?

“Here’s your drink. Jack and ginger okay?” “I told you I was drinking tequila. You’re just trying to get me even drunker. You should know by now I’m going home with you either way,” Aimee joked as she took the drink and started sipping it. “I just remember you liked Jack and gingers is all. No sinister plan here,” Marcus said dryly. What was up with him? What was up with them? Maybe it was just because they hadn’t seen in each other in a while. They would go back to normal once she got to his place and they were able to be alone just the two of them. No matter what happened, for better or worse they always fell right back into their rhythm. It would all be fine. “Hey, I see a couple patna’s I haven’t seen in a while. I’m gonna go say what’s up.” He was always leaving her. “Okay, I’ll be right here.”

Jaleesa, noticing that Marcus had made himself scarce made her way back to Aimee. “Where’d he go?” she asked. “Oh just to talk to some of his old friends. He’ll be back soon,” Aimee responded. “Male or female? Friends I mean? Because, it doesn’t look like he’s just talking,” Jaleesa nodded in Marcus’s direction. He was standing close to some girl Aimee wasn’t sure she’d ever seen before whispering in her ear with his hands on her hips. “I can’t believe this. Who is that and why would he be talking to her like that right in front of me?” Aimee shrieked calmly. “Want me to go find out?” Jaleesa ever down to ride asked as she flipped her hair. “Nah. I’m just gonna go to the bathroom and try and calm down. I don’t want him or anyone else to know I’m upset,” Aimee said as her voice trailed off and tears formed in her eyes. She should have known nothing would be different this time. She headed towards the bathroom, making sure to stop by Daniel’s booth and say goodbye. When she was sure Jaleesa wasn’t looking, she veered left, went back to coat check, handed the attendant her ticket, grabbed her things and left. 

She slipped out.