October's Affirmation.

Oh and, I (almost) lost my passport.

I lost my passport today.

I’m back in Spain, running around trying to get everything I need to renew my TIE (which is basically like a green card) and I lost my passport. I was at the concello (town hall) getting a paper that certifies I live where I do. I handed the clerk my passport, he looked me up, printed and stamped what I needed. He then put the justificante in my hand. I put it in my folder, slid the folder back into my bag, added my jacket on top and left. Headed to the bank to help my roommate get sorted, stopped at the market, caught the ferry into town, and made it all the way to the police station. As I was waiting in line, I was checking that everything was in order when I realized I didn’t have the one thing I needed for my paperwork above all else—my passport.

Frantic, I searched my bag once. Nowhere to be found. I had another look. Still not there. I couldn’t breathe. My life flashed before my eyes. How expensive it would be to get a new one sent to me in Spain! Would I have to go home? How will I get to the closest embassy or consulate?

Mentally I started retracing my steps and realized I never got my passport back from the clerk. Rushing out of the policia and to the taxi stand, I called the concello and asked to speak to the man who processes empadromiento’s. He had my passport and the concello was open until 1:30 PM.

Rushing to the port, I caught the ferry back to my pueblo, speed-walked to the concello, arriving at 1 o’clock on the dot. Up two sets of stairs and down to the right, I met the man. “Hola,” I say. He gets up, passport in hand. “Traté de llamarte, pero ya te habías ido.” He told me he had tried to call me, but I had left already. He handed me my passport. “Gracias.” I took a seat, relieved this had worked out how it did.

Sliding my passport back into its holder and the holder deep down into my tote bag, I left the concello. Turning right, I headed to the ice cream shop and got a scoop of chicle on a cone. It’s blue and bubblegum flavored with sprinkles on top. Walking home, I reminded myself to breathe. Everything was alright now. I had my passport. I can and will (Lord willing) go to the policia on Monday to get the document I need.

Everything was alright now.
Everything, is alright now.

Slow down.
Care enough,
Take the time—
to get it right.

to be continued…

P.S. Mom, I know you read this. I have my passport. It’s all fine.