March has been weird.

Welcome back! 

I honestly haven't had much to give this month which is why it's practically April and I'm only just now getting around to emailing you. 

I'm not going to try and do the February recap or write some note about what's going on and how I've been feeling because honestly, I just don't have the words. Everything is fine, don't be worried about me. I just don't have the words. 

Instead, I'm going to leave you with this quote from my therapist in our session today. If you follow me on Twitter, then you've already seen it, but I don't care because it's good and bears repeating. In fact, I'm probably going to write it out and put it somewhere so I can see it everyday. I need the reminder. 

"the goal is simply to give yourself space to explore and go with the feeling of excitement that results without putting any parameters or expectations on it." 
- my therapist on my moving into 25, dreaming new dreams, and re-orienting myself toward doing it all from an organic and authentic place. 


I'll have more next month. Until then, I hope you'll make space to explore - whatever that means or needs to look like for you. 

sending so much love,