Let's talk about Rihanna

Welcome back! 

I was going to email y'all my summer reading list because no matter how old I get, I'll probably always feel a need to make one. But then Rihanna happened. I've been so inspired by her the release of her most recent endeavor, her FENTY fashion house with LMVH that I decided to switch things up and send a note about that. 

Why have I been inspired?

Rihanna is an example of what it means to be multi-faceted and excellent in all that you do. She is an interdisciplinary artist and damn near good at everything. I'm not going to spout that you have the same 24 hours in your day as Rihanna or Bey nonsense because it is just that - nonsense. Most of us don't have teams and billions of dollars at our disposal (if you do, holla at me because I have some great ideas just waiting to be funded). We might not have the same resources, but what we can take from Rihanna is a lesson in intention, manifestation, and not limiting ourselves. 

We've been asking Rihanna for new music since 2016 and three years later she still doesn't know when her album is coming and doesn't seem to be too worried about it. She's given us Fenty Beauty, Savage x FENTY and now FENTY the luxury label. The lesson here? It's okay to pursue your other passions. Maybe people don't know you have an interest in beauty, film, photography, ceramics, music, accounting, law, that is their business, not yours. Don't let what you may be recognized for now stop you from using your other gifts and interests to bring offerings to the world if you feel so called.It's important to not limit yourself, the world will already do that for you (especially if you're a member of one or more marginalized communities). 

As someone primarily known as a "writer," it can be scary to think about let alone actually work on projects that aren't based in words. But guess what? That's exactly what I'm doing. I used to paint, draw, play the piano, and dream of being a fashion designer. Ironically enough, or maybe it's not ironic at all, I keep coming back to those childhood dreams in addition to the very adult ones I have for myself like being a NYT-bestselling author and getting my PhD. The crazy things is I'm working on all of it. I am right now actively working on something related to all of those dreams (except anything with music, directing the children's choir was enough) and even some new ones like writing and selling a script. 

My point is and I don't want to sound like the coach that gives everyone a trophy or all the advice millennials got as kids that kinda has us fucked up right now - you can do whatever you want to, as long as you do it with intention. 

"Do nothing without intention." - Solange 

I've always believed that if I studied the greats and stayed true to my vision, I could become a great too. You can believe I'm taking notes. 

I'm inspired by Rihanna and anyone who dares to go all in on their vast myriad of dreams because I've felt all over the place and like my purpose or brand isn't cohesive and coherent* because of all the things I want to bring to life. Rihanna is clearly an artist made of ART and I've always wanted to be one of those too. 

Where have you placed limits on your creativity, work, or life lately? What "shoulds" are you operating in that you need to let go of? 

I'll tell you mine if you'll email be back and tell me yours? 
I have been operating from a place of feeling like I shouldn't lead the life I do because it's not traditional and doesn't always feel the most stable - living life on my own terms is hard (I don't feel like I should get to). I have limited myself by thinking I can't let go of past projects, brands, or ideas because who am I and what do I have going on for myself without them?

sending you so much love, 

PS: Will Rihanna ever stop coming for our coins? I've got my eye on some of the shoes. What are you hoping to cop?!

*more on this later.