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Other newsletters ain't never on it...July 2019 (in review)

Ypsilanti, MI. July 2019.


Not to start this off with a complaint, but the FDA really does not care about us in America. I’ve noticed differences in the food in the USA and abroad before after shorter trips, but having been in Spain for 10 months eating food that has tighter regulations on it + is just generally healthier (like even the desserts are healthier), there is a stark difference between food there and food here. All the foods I told you I missed and couldn’t wait to eat when I got back? Unless I or my mom made them, they’ve been for the most part gross. And not gross because the food tasted bad or there was anything wrong with how it was prepared, but because it all just sits heavier on my stomach and across various dishes/items I almost feel like I can taste the chemicals. So, ironically enough, I’m missing the food in Spain and thinking about what dietary and lifestyle changes I’ll have to make in 2020 when I move back to the States for awhile. 


Chicago/Evanston, IL. I was only there for a few weeks, but those few weeks made me see the Chi as a viable, whatever I do next option. Driving again. I obviously don’t have a car in Spain and I missed the freedom of the open road, just being able to get up and go. Blasting music with all the windows down on the freeway, it’s one of the places I feel the most free. My tripod. I had planned to order a tall one when I was still in Spain (I only had a mini previously) but now I have a tall one because we randomly had one at my house and it’s very very exciting. It’s also how I took this month’s feature image. 


I got in one book in July. Circe. It was really good and I totally get why it’s on the NYT Bestseller list! I featured it in my summer reading list — so having read it now, I highly recommend you cop that and check it out. 

BOOKS: Circe

ARTICLES: Creators vs. Influencers | Begin with the End in Mind | Malaysia’s Missing Plane | Stormzy at Glastonbury | Michelangelo’s David | Indigenous artists in Paris | New Chanel | Langston Hughes on Nina Simone | Emoji’s as universal language | Black Girls and Leather jackets | Swim suit ads on Instagram | On Zora Neale Hurston | How Walking became Pedestrian | Their Family Bought Land One Generation After Slavery |The Making of Stock Photos | Auctioning Ebony | The Man with the Golden Airline Ticket | Lost Langston | "She Would Come if We Worked for Her" | Cannabis Slavery | ALL CAPS | Susan Sontag on Twitter | Writing Advice from Nora Ephron | Beyonce’s Blindspot | The Crane Wife | An Interview with Nora Ephron

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Language Keepers

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My review on Turkey that will be published next month!


PITCHING — although I think it’s time to stop studying and just send some emails. 🙂 Study Hall + Opportunities of the Week are the resource on that one y’all. 

Creative Directing. Word to my sister Duanecia.

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Chicago/Evanston, IL

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Boyne City, MI (my ancestors helped found this city, so we’re going to see what’s still standing and spend some time on personally hallowed ground) & back to Spain 


Notes from a Divided City, Frishun


The Lucille Clifton house

July was a lot. August still feels a little heavy. But I’m doing the work on myself and that’s what it’s all about. In short, Black Jesus above is my mood.

to be continued…


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