Happy New Year!

Wassupppp. I know this is late lol.

But I figure it actually makes more sense for this email to come as the first in a month so that it's truly a month in review recap. If you hate it, let me know and we'll go back to the other way around. I hope y'all had such a happy holiday season and are settling into this new year. 2019 just feels good right? It does. 

December 2018 in review

I don't want to spend another set of holiday's alone. While my family doesn't do anything crazy for Christmas, I don't want to be without my parents on that day in future years. It was a cool experiment, but I def need to be home for the holidays from here on out as facetiming in is just not the same. Thanksgiving and NYE I can skip, but I have to be home for Christmas. 


  • Lamb. I had some for Christmas dinner with my friend's family and it was amazing. 

  • Cooking and design shows on Netflix! Zumbo's Just Desserts and Stay Here are faves. Anyone else seen them?

  • Work. I've finally settled into my school and really feel apart of the ecosystem there. I really enjoy my job y'all. 


Listening to: 
PS I feel like I need new stuff to listen to! What playlists, mixes and songs have you bopping lately?


(Anything funny, design/food based, or romantic on Netflix)


"I will call this chapter: when the narratives I told about myself to others and myself became about more than who hurt me, when and how. When I became about the sum of my parts and finally realized they, my pain, and any one place are not the common denominators or major factors in my equation.

I will call this chapter: NEW."
an excerpt from my year end piece on The Reign XY. 


  • My friends and family

Working on: 

  • a mixed media project

  • meditating daily 

  • drinking my water 

  • eating fruits and veggies (they don’t typically serve them with meals here so I’ve got be extra conscious to buy them to have at home)

  • guarding my circadian rhythm 


  • NOTHING. It was so nice!

Went to: 

  • Santiago, Spain (Ever heard of St. James? He's buried here and every year, thousands of people walk to Santiago on a spiritual pilgrimage. I just went for the day. We all know a camino, or a really long walk is not my thing).

  • Ourense, Spain (HOT SPRINGS & BOMB BURGERS. That's all you need to know).

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (and saw a college friend and mentor. I love how small yet big the world is).

  • Brussels, Belgium (My 30th country BTW!)

  • Paris, France (NYE in Paris is a vibeeee y'all).

  • Reims, France (Yes, your girl was getting her bougie auntie on in the wine cellars)

  • Barcelona, Spain (FOOD IS BOMB! I think I'm going to make an e-book guide for Barca). 

Going to next: 

  • Nowhere. I intend to sit my ass down this month. 


  • A Pan-Am Defiance Bag. It would just compliment my aesthetic so well. + my roomie got Becoming so it's like I got it too! And I got a tote bag on my trip. :) 

Again, I hope you had an amazing December and that January is off to a great start! Below, you'll find links to my latest audio reflection on Soundcloud, sunny.merch to cop, and January's affirmation

Sending so much love.