April Showers Bring...

I want to try something different with the month in review because well, I don't know if a long list of links is the best way to do things. I also realized that I read and look at a TON over the course of a month and you don't need to be looped in on all of that - I'm going to only share the best stuff (in my completely biased opinion). And we've got the other email for any feelings so, we can skip that here. Let me know how you feel about this new format! 


Photographing Biggie

The Joy of Black Brunch

Marie Kondo & My Gender

Recipes and Wisdom from Ntozake Shange 

Photographing Tupac

Toni Morrison on difficulty

Can Data save Cosmo?

On Global Populism

Vibed to

My time in Ibiza, Spain & Lisbon Portugal + this read was a great reminder to focus on what actually matters in this whole writing ting and it's not answering emails or anything in the most timely manner.


Leonardo Da Vinci was ahead of his time.

The Call to Courage by Brené Brown - because what really matters is that you're in the arena. I've had Daring Greatly for years and I'm actually going to read it this summer. Book club anyone?


Women & travel writing 

Fiction writing

How to Make Things Catch On

How to Think Like an Anthropologist

The kid in podcasting

Slow media please?

How to read around the world

Black poets