October 2019 in review

you get what you pay for & peace of mind over everything.

London, England. October 2019.


What were the lessons of October? 

  1. You get what you pay for. 

Example: Last year I went with a cheaper WiFi company and had to wait until November to have internet in my apartment. This year, we went with a company that is more expensive month-to-month, but I had WiFi within a WEEK of being back in Spain. The technician came 4 days after we went into the shop. I could select an installation time online. They called me multiple times to confirm. AND we got cable which we don’t really use, but it comes with Netflix and stuff so we’ve been able to watch Power each Monday on our TV, instead of our laptops and it’s been a nice activity to do with my roommate. Plus Mondays are my long days because I work and then do private lessons in the next town over, so by the time I get home at around 8 PM, all I wanna do is veg out on the couch anyway. You get what you pay for. 

  1. Peace of mind over everything. 

I’m pretty sure I’m paraphrasing how I specifically worded this lesson because I can’t remember it right now, but the point stands. Peace of mind over everything. When I first got back to Spain, I had requests for private lessons coming out of the wazzooooo. TBH, I could be doing them every weekday if I wanted to. But, I chose not to. Don’t get me wrong, the extra money would have been amazing. I know someone who has 26 private lesson students. Talk about bank on top of what we’re already paid for teaching. But, when deciding on my schedule, I chose to go with three families. Two are from last year and one is new. I gel with both of them. I like the kids. Two are back to back in the next town over and another is in my town, close to one of my schools. The extra funds make it so I don’t really have to touch my paycheck for day-to-day expenses or allow me to actually save for what feels like the first time in my adult life (judge me if you want, here’s honesty). I do them two workdays a week and have two workdays to myself. This works for me because I didn’t come to Spain to work 24/7. I’ve got time to go to the gym now, take a siesta, write for my personal projects or for freelance opportunities. I’ve got time to listen to my sermons and try new recipes. I can make my nail appointment on a weeknight or go to ceramic/dance lessons. Peace of mind over everything. The extra dinero is amazing but the time commitment doesn’t impede on my quality of life. Peace of mind over everything. 


I found a sour cream substitute! Y’all probably already knew this but natural greek yogurt is a good and of course healthier sour cream. Of course, I still can’t find actual sour cream where I live over here, but at this point, I’m thinking I don’t need to. 

I bought some incense because I figured it was safer than burning candles and it’s been a nice little scent thing but also different scents are good for different things and seeing how they impact my energy or which ones help me relax has been fun. 


BOOKS: Showing Our Colors: Afro-German Women Speak Out | Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self Delusion | Girl, Woman, Other 

ARTICLES: Learning to Plan for Next Year Right Now | Hustler’s Costume Design | 5 Years Later, Do Black Lives Matter? | Red at the Bone | Queen’s of Infamy: Njinga | Looking for Carolina Maria de Jesus | The Water Dancer | The Sum of Life: Zora Neale Hurston* | Top 10 Books about Black Radicalism | How African Countries Got their Names | A Conversation with Black Woman Artists* | Did Millennials Kill the Dinner Party? | The Myth of the French Woman | Roxanne Gay | Baking and Male Communication* | African Language Growth in the US | Email Newsletter Start-ups | Advice for Writers | How Airlines and Airports Use Your Data | How to Buy Clothes that are Built to Last | How The Wing Sparked a Thousand Arguments | Intuition and Creativity | Statistical Standup and the Language of Colors | How to Take a Literary Selfie | Writing about The Forgotten Black Women of the Italo-Ethiopian War | The Art of Fiction: Maya Angelou* | Unprecedented Times for Black Female Writers* | A Quick Ting On | Bringing Your Full Self to Work | Venus Taught Serena How to Win | The Age of Bathfluence | Bernadine Evaristo - The Stories We Tell* | Stormzy’s World* | Zadie Smith on Fashion* | Jesmyn Ward on Ta-Nehisi | Textile Art inspired by Images of African-Americans | Iceland and Overtourism* | How to Lose a Third of a Million Dollars without Trying* | Whatever happened to Dorothy West?* | Inter-library Loan Will Change Your Life

* indicate a piece I really enjoyed that stuck with me

Listening to: 

Elevation Church | The Potter’s House at OneLA | Transformation Church 

Yoga Nidra for Sleep on the Insight Timer App 


Worked on/Launched/Wrote: 

A piece that will come out next month :) 

P.S. I really want to do some food writing, but I’m not sure I can get past the whole sharing recipes ting. Random. I know. 


How to make a good speaking page | How Creative Conferences Select Speakers

Went to: 

London, England! I had a great time back in London, though I did get a cold while there that lasted me a smooth 3 weeks. 

Going to next: 

Probably Ourense, Spain to see a friend and then home for the holidays! I get like a month off which is amazing. Catch me in Michigan, NYC, and DC. 

If I were in Philly: The Colored Girls Museum

If I were in London: Writing Britain Now & Into the Night: Clubs and Cabarets in Modern Art 


So We Can Glow by Leesa Cross-Smith 

iPhone X stabilizer/gimbal for Vlogging

Supporting/Cool Tings My Friends Did: 

Lexi launched LookUp.live an incubator to help young adults with tech-life balance.

Around the Way Girls photoshoot 

A Space in This Body Show 

Go to Morocco!

first day of school. little house on the prairie could never. October 2019.

to be continued…

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